For the Love of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

When I was growing up in the Greece as a young child I remember my papou(grandfather) and yiayia(grandmother) waking me up early - well before sunrise - to set off into the mountains to harvest our olives.  My papou would get the horses ready and my yiayia would prepare a small lunch basket to take with us. 


The crisp fresh air would wake up all of my senses and the higher up we climb the mountain, the more alive I felt.  The 200 year old Olive trees greeted us with their morning dew just waiting to be harvested.  Their branches arching to be touched to release their fruit - so green and full of healthy goodness.   The harvest season was and continues to be a special time for me.  It is a time where nature gives to us its bounty to nourish and sustain our bodies in perfect harmony one with the other.  For the love of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, I can truly say that all the effort and hard work is well worth it!



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