Now you can share in the good fortune of discovering the taste and flavour of superior quality extra virgin olive oil and all the health benefits that awaits you. 


We are sure that you will never go back to grocery bought brands.

January 24, 2021


We are so very excited to once again be bringing you our new 2021 EVOO and Gourmet Olives soon!   It's on route to arrive in the first week of March.  


Our customers have come to expect only the highest quality and freshest products from us - and in this, Petrina Harvest continues to deliver!  


At the beginning of each year you will noticed "sold out" notifications on all of our products.  This is an indication to all of our customers that our new harvest will be arriving soon. 


You can say, this notification has become a Petrina Harvest tradition which our customers have come to appreciate.  Once our new harvested EVOO and Olives arrive, we then get busy scheduling deliveries to the anticipation of our customers!


 This year we are introducing our Organic EVOO to all of our customers which we are absolutely thrilled about!  Smooth, rich in flavour and ready to be enjoyed by all!!


Nothing is more rewarding for us then to know that our customers, year after year, remain happy, healthy and part of the Petrina Harvest family!  



April 19, 2020


Our new EVOO and Gourmet Olives have arrived! 


Our prices have remained reasonable to allow everyone the opportunity to purchase and taste what makes our products exceptional. 


Nothing is more precious then our health and our family's health.  For this reason, we remain steadfast in our commitment to bring you exceptional products.  Healthy and nutritious goodness harvested each year just for you at a price you will love!    


January 10, 2019

Our tradition continues.  We are once again in Petrina Lakonia Greece making arrangements for our new shipment to arrive in April.  We are here to ensure that only the very best quality is harvested and prepared to perfection for our customers. 


We remain committed to our tradition.  A tradition that has allowed us to bring our customers the freshest products of superior quality.  This can only be achieved by being here, in person, in Lakonia Greece to oversee all aspects of the harvest, preparation and packaging. 


Our success, year after year, is based on commitment, tradition and values that have granted us the ability to build customer satisfaction and unwavering trust.  In this, we are  immensely grateful! 



March 28, 2018

Our 2018 EVOO production has arrived! 


In appreciation for the support and loyalty shown by our many customers, we have decided to keep the same pricing as last year on all our products.  


This is one way of honoring our provide to you exceptional quality products at affordable prices. 


It is our belief that everyone should have the opportunity to enrich their health and well being and the health and well being of their family without compromising quality because of price.  


Thank you again to all of our customers - long standing, new and future clients!



February 14, 2018

We are once again in the beautiful mountains of Petrina, Lakonia making arrangements for our new 2018 shipment.  The Olive trees were truly blessed this year with much fruit.  It was a joy to harvest all the olives and then press to see the flow of green gold bottled and packaged for the enjoyment of our customers. 


The Kalamata and Green Olives are being prepared in the same old traditions handed down from generation to generation - hand selected - to perfection.  We can't wait to share this year's harvest with everyone! 


Our commitment to our customers continues - bringing exceptional quality and freshness that is second to none. 






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